6 Cosmetic Procedures That You Must Not Do at Home

Our facial pores and skin requires regular deep cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and tonic. Such outcomes cannot be obtained, constrained to creams, foams, gels and serums for the face. 1-2 times per week you want to make unique cosmetic strategies so as to assist your pores and skin appearance neat and wholesome. Of direction, there are such beauty procedures that you may without difficulty repeat at home. But there are also tactics which can be strictly forbidden to repeat at home. Here are 6 of them:

1. Deep cleansing of a face. The maximum commonplace hassle for lots ladies is the cleansing of the face at home. You can do self-cleaning cleansing mask and scrub the skin from keratinous debris, but doing a deep cleaning of the face at domestic is dangerous. Due to the dearth of medical expertise, you could pick incorrect materials and you could skip the closing, but the important step in the system – the application of calming over-sporting masks and a special cream. Most frequently, such cleaning results in new varieties of scarring and irritation of the skin. Therefore, in case you need to attend to the fitness of your face, then it’s high-quality to turn to a certified professional.

2. Removing moles. Under no situations should you try to get rid of a mole from your frame or face your self. This can go away a trace on the skin, motive bleeding and infect an infection, causing the improvement of a pores and skin tumor. Also, you can not use recipes from traditional medicine that do not in shape to your pores and skin kind and body features. This, at great will not deliver a result, but at worst – it’s going to cause excessive pores and skin health troubles. Since there are numerous forms of moles, relying on the structure, form, colour. To take away the mole, you need to touch a expert, however now not in the beauty salon, however in a great sanatorium, where you will do all of the necessary tests earlier than the procedure.

3. Correction of eyebrows via wax and thread. To accurate the shape of the eyebrows at domestic barely, only tweezers are appropriate. Wax or special threads can harm the skin, ensuing in infection and uneven eyebrows. In addition, the skin around the eyes could be very gentle and delicate and after performing the method incorrectly you can also get bruises.

4. Peeling. There are such peels that can be completed in home situations. In the main, it’s far light peels that work superficially. But there are greater aggressive chemical peels, in effect of which the pores and skin can dry up, after which there may be scars and burns at the face.

Five. Sculptural rub down. It is impossible to make a expert sculptural rubdown by your self. First, the rub down is accomplished within the lying role, when positive organizations of muscular tissues are comfortable. Secondly, there’s a want to do the rubdown in a right direction, relying at the muscle that can not be made to your very own. And if you may try and do it, you can hurt your pores and skin with beside the point movements.

6. Botox injections. Yes, there also are such ladies who need to save at the method and make botox injections at home. If you genuinely care approximately nice and an amazing result more, then it is nonetheless higher to seek advice from a consultant. Such procedures ought to be performed completely by a specialist inside the remedy room, which meets sure sanitary requirements. Especially on the subject of botulinumotherapy, contouring plastic or filaments. As the professionals say, gear and consumables have to be sterile. Also it must be remembered that injectable manipulations can purpose a bad response of the frame and have facet outcomes that may be removed with anti-shock therapy. Only doctor who knows what needs to be carried out in one way or any other can perform the process in a timely manne.

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